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Leave the ordinary behind and venture out into the wilderness with confidence and style.

Our RVs offer the maneuverability and clearance necessary for navigating tricky terrains, while also providing a cozy interior with a comfy dinette, a fully-equipped kitchen and a spacious bathroom. 

What makes every WTV even more impressive is that we don’t sacrifice durability in favor of bells and whistles. All our campers are 4×4 capable and feature all-terrain tires, ensuring that no terrain is too challenging. Ample storage options also provide a safe home for your gear. Put simply, WTV merges luxury with durability, making your outdoor escapades truly unforgettable.

Make your dreams come true

We strive to provide the highest quality service with a commitment to safety and customer satisfaction.

US built meets …

German engineering

Off road adventure

With stunning comfort



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Experience home-like comfort on the road with our camping vehicles, designed with spacious interiors and top-class amenities to make your adventures as cozy and relaxing as possible.

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About us

We and our partners combine extensive travel experience, 40 years of experience in box construction and over 1000 vehicles built in Germany with the service advantage of North American chassis.

Experienced german engineering

European style furniture in outstanding quality

US chassis, US-based modifications

1000 vehicles built in Germany

40 years of experience in box construction

What we offer

Our services

From dreaming of the perfect off-road camper, receiving the best advice and creating your individual configuration, to embarking on your greatest travel adventure – we guide you through every step of the journey, making your dream a reality.

Additional services

Do you love the southwest of the US, but shy away from the long journey from your home for shorter – or longer – trips?

You don’t know where to store your WTV at home?

We offer our customers a storage service on our premises in Durango, not far from DRO airport. 

You tell us what date you are arriving, we take care of the battery and the correct tire pressure and we can also carry out service work on your WTV on request. All you have to do is fill the fridge and off you go. The vehicle is safely parked between your trips.

For more information on what you can discover in the area, click here or ask us!

It starts with your dream…

Craft your travel dream into reality with our exceptional off-road vehicles, designed to take you on unforgettable adventures brimming with comfort, style, and the unmatched freedom of the open road.

Being involved in the build …

We believe in a collaborative process, inviting our customers to be actively involved in the build of their WTV, ensuring that every feature and detail perfectly reflects their unique travel dreams and expectations.

Continues with our experience….

From Overlanders for Overlanders. We have decades of camping experience ourselves and look forward to helping you plan your dream camper!

Delivering quality and comfort to …

From Overlanders for Overlanders. We have decades of camping experience ourselves and look forward to helping you plan your dream camper!

Creating your vehicle…

With 4 decades of building experience, we masterfully craft each vehicle, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and luxury, turning your travel dreams into a tangible, road-ready reality.

You having the time of your life!

Our commitment to quality, comfort and customer collaboration is all about a singular goal – to create a World Travel Vehicle that enhances your travel experience, ensuring you have the time of your life on each and every adventure you embark on.



Our customers

Our experience in cabin construction is also reflected in our customers’ experiences with our vehicles.

John Doe

Robert B. / Germany

Accountant AND CLIMBER

“I was looking for a self-sufficient off-road motorhome that would take me anywhere without sacrificing the comforts of home but without unnecessary frills. I am super happy with my choice. The furniture is extremely high quality and there is plenty of storage space for my sports equipment.”

Jenny Andersson

Viviana A. / Switzerland

Graphic designer

“I’ve been on the road with many campers and motorhomes, but all of them were compromises, especially being out in the woods. Everything finally fits here. Self-sufficiency, a very low center of gravity, not too high. Anyone who has ever had to turn around in front of a low bridge will appreciate that.”

George Smith

Sara & Michael C. / Netherlands


“The quality of the box and the furniture construction is exceptional. Even after 5 years of traveling around the world, nothing rattles or squeaks and everything still looks like new.”

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